Selected Credits



TV – Long Format

Ray Donovan (Original Score Recording & Mixing, Composer Marcelo Zarvos)

On Tour: The Who Virtual Ticket (TV Movie) (sound re-recording mixer)

Road Trip with G. Garvin (Re Recording Mixer)

Barn Hunters  (Re Recording Mixer)

Amish RENOgades (Re Recording Mixer)

Celebrity Poker Showdown (Assistant Re Recording Mixer)

Patty LaBelle’s Holiday Pies (Re Recording Mixer)

In The Life (PBS) – (Assistant Re Recording Mixer)

Little Einsteins (Assistant Music Editor)


TV - Commercial

NBA, Jeep, Coors Light, American Express, Verizon, T-Mobile, VISA, Chrysler, Proctor & Gamble, HP, UBER, Gillette, Mitsubishi, Harley-Davidson, Reebok,KIA, Vlingo, Hyundai, UNICEF, Dunbar, Hilton Hotels, 3M, Proctor & Gamble, US OPEN, USGA, Lucky Jeans, Spotify, Oreo Cookies, Lotto, Penguin Publishing, Magic Shave, XXL Magazine, Mizuno, Nasuni, HBCU, Cellular One, The American Lung Association, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, & The James Beard Society


TV - Promo

A&E Networks, History Channel, NHL, NBC, USA Network, Charter Communications, Scholastic, Penguin Publishing, XFinity,& Team U.S.A.


TV – Audio Description

Dog Whisperer (National Geographic) Calling Dr. Pol (CW)  Dream Quest (CW)  Floogals (NBC Sprout)  Dog Town USA (National Geographic)  Earth To Luna (NBC Sprout)  Game Changers (CBS) Sea Rescue (ABC)  The Wildlife Docs (ABC)  Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation (CBS)  The Brady Bar Experience (CW)  Dr. Chris Pet Vet (CBS)  Ocean Mysteries (ABC)  Rock The Park (CW)  Nina’s World (NBC Sprout)  Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown (ABC)  Lucky Dog (CBS)  Recipe Rehab (ABC)  Born To Explore (ABC) Astroblast (NBC)  Tree Fu Tom (NBC Sprout)  Poppy Cat (NBC Sprout) Expedition Wild (National Geographic)  ICarly (Nickelodeon)  Peg + Cat ( PBS Kids) Wallykazam (Nick Jr.) Hatched (CW)  Save Our Shelter (CW)  Hidden Heroes (CBS)  The Inspectors (CBS)  Peter Rabbit (Nickelodeon)  Hidden Heroes (CBS)  The Inspectors (CBS)  Wilderness Vet (NBC)  Voyager With Josh Garcia (NBC)  Naturally Danny Seo (NBC) Ocean Treks With Jeff Corwin (ABC)  Outback Adventures (ABC) 


Film- Feature Length & Documentary

The Police – Members Only (Re Recording Mixer)

The Who – Fragments (Re Recording Mixer)

Genesis – Official Fan Club DVD (Re Recording Mixer)

The Rolling Stones – Official Fan Club DVD (Additional Re Recording Mixer)

Enough Said (Original Score Additional Recording)

Little Accidents (Additional Score Recording)

Mary Lou Williams: The Woman That Swings The Band (Re Recording Mixer)

Cooper & Hemmingway: The True Gen (Re Recording Mixer)

Chapter & Verse (Score Recording & Mix, Re Recording Mixer)

The Garifuna Nation (Re Recording Mixer)

Aug 1st (Re Recording Mixer)

Tony Tango (Original Score Recording/Mix)

Unholy (Score Recording & Mix)


Film- Short

Spotify All Access: The National - Making of "Day of the Dead"

Traveling Shoes - Featuring Lisa Fischer (Score Recording & Mix)

Between Zero & One - Jojo Mayer (Recording Engineer & Mixer)

Haber – Academy Award Nominated, Best Short Film (Original Score Recording)

Sleight of Hand – Cannes Film Festival - Special Selection (Score Recording & Mix, Re Recording Engineer)



Julian Casablancas + The Voidz – Tyranny (Additional Recording Engineer)

FUN feat. Janelle Monae – We Are Young, Acoustic (Recording Engineer & Mixer)

Maria Ahn – Je Taime Bowie (Recording Engineer & Mixer)

Julio Nava – No Tenga Mas Prisa (recording Engineer)

Fallout Boy – The Young Blood Chronicles –  (Music Video Sound Design & Re Recording Mixer)

Henry Hall – Leave on The Lights (Recording Engineer)


Video Games –

Silent Hill, Top Gun, Invizimals, Pulp Horror, Alien Breed, How To Survive, The Assembly, New You, New You Yoga, Whacky World of Sport, Shoot, Zombie Rescue Squad, Crazy Taxi, Pigeon Hit Squad


Sonic Branding - Corporate Sound Design





Harmon Kardon


Awards & Distinctions

Cannes Film Festival – Special Selection

Academy Awards – Best Short Film Nominee